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The Gecko PCB is divided into three parts, the main logic board and two IO "wings".

Main board

The centre part holds all the main logic, processor etc. It also has the USB and RJ45 sockets and several screw terminal for connecting power and comms signals.

This main PCB connects at right angles to two "wings", it's these wings that implement the majority of the physical IO.


There are two "wings" that are fabricated as a single PCB with the main part but that are snapped off and plugged back onto the main part of the PCB.

These wings become the end plates for the enclosure.

In designs where there is not a lot of physical IO the standard enclosure end plates can be used.

In the current design most of the IO is brought out to 3-way headers that conform to the GVS (GND, Volts, Signal) format. There are cutouts for the USB and RJ45 sockets so these are accessible when the board is enclosed.

Other designs can have different combinations of IO connectors or none at all if the unit is networked with no local IO.






Comms and power can be connected to the screw terminal blocks and can come from the rear of the unit, thus allowing bulkhead mounting.





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