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Arduino Compatibility


The Gecko system is designed to be compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 in most respects.


    Gecko Arduino compatibility    


Obviously the Gecko is not physically compatible with the Arduinos Mega, however it will accept Duemilanove shields

Some differences are...

LED13 - On the Gecko this signal is buffered before driving the LED, therefore you do not need to consider any loading on this signal.

Voltage regulator - The Gecko can accept a VIN of 30 volts with no heat issues. At the other end a minimum of 8v is recommended.

USB - The Gecko uses an FTDI FT232 chip.

PWM - The Gecko brings all 15 hardware PWM signals out to connectors.

I2C - SDA and SCK connected to the outside world through a bus buffer.

DIGITAL IO - The Gecko has 7 fewer available digital IO signals, however all 47 are current limited and hardened to withstand ±30 volts.

MILLIS - A genuine 1mS counter, RTC-driven with no missed counts.



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